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RightShip Qi contains information on all commercial vessels over 500 tonnes that operate worldwide. Qi draws data from reliable sources including IHS Maritime, Port State Control, terminal records and casualty data.

When a customer submits a vetting request on RightShip Qi, the online platform uses predictive analytics and real-time risk assessments to analyse and evaluate multiple inter-related factors. RightShip Qi then produces a predictive score, in the form of a star rating, which combines up to 9 principle risk factors that are not considered in isolation, but rather interact with each other differently for each individual vessel prediction.

There are also 4 additional factors which may have a positive impact on the risk rating, lying outside the predictive model. These can include Green Award certification, an Intercargo membership, or a RightShip dry inspection.

The average risk rating of a vessel in RightShip Qi is 3 stars. As such, a 1 or 2 star vessel is below average; and a 4 or 5 star vessel is above average. Incident rates from 2014 and 2015 provide that a 1 star vessel was up to 20 times more likely to be involved in an incident than a 5 star vessel.

RightShip receive real-time data from over 50 sources to provide an accurate vessel prediction, and the risk rating is only valid for the particular customer requesting the vet on that day, at that time. Some customers have specific customer rules which may relate to a vessels age, its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rating or another relevant factor. RightShip does not ‘approve’ a ship but may recommend it as an acceptable risk to its customer based on vessel particulars, historical performance and individually negotiated customer criteria.

Owners can help ensure satisfactory performance against RightShip’s risk factors by ensuring their Safety Management System has adequate procedures. These procedures are put in place for the effective management, supervision and inspection of the vessel, so that everyone involved with the vessel complies with regulatory requirements.

Becoming a subscriber

RightShip’s online vetting system is available to all subscribing organisations and we welcome ship owners as subscribers.

As a subscriber you can search for a vessel by name or IMO number at any time and check the data and risk rating that the system provides at that particular time. Rating changes are not based on any action by RightShip and are calculated automatically by the system when a vet is undertaken.

In RightShip Qi subscribers can set alerts to be notified or rating changes to particular vessels and we also offer a special ship owners module that helps owners to track the performance of their ship.

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