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RightShip developed the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Rating as a systematic and transparent framework for comparing the relative efficiency of the world's existing shipping fleet.

The GHG Emissions Rating compares the relative efficiency of vessels that are of a similar size and type ('sister ships'). Each vessel's GHG Rating is displayed utilising the European efficiency standard, an A to G rating scale, where 'A' represents the most efficient vessels in the peer group, and 'G' the least efficient.

RightShip’s EVDI is the core measure used to calculate the GHG Rating, and estimates the theoretical amount of carbon dioxide emitted per tonne nautical mile travelled. EVDI values are calculated from source data provided by ship owners, managers, yards and classification socities. RightShip works closely with all of these organisations to validate the data used to calculate the EVDI.

Update my vessel specifications

Email RightShip with Shop Test, Sea Trial and EEDI Certificate (if appropriate) to ensure your GHG Rating reflects the most recent vessel specifications.

RightShip has partnered with NGO, The Carbon War Room, to provide elements of the EVDI and GHG Emissions Rating data free-of-charge on

Vessel owners can register for an account and view the vessel design particulars used by RightShip to calculate the EVDI and provide feedback on any retrofits, upgrades or inconsistent information to ensure the information used to calculate their vessel's rating is up-to-date.

For an overview of RightShip's GHG Emissions Rating please refer to the video below, or for more detail visit our GHG Emissions Rating page.