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Shipping can be a risky business.

To operate efficiently and minimise liability, charterers and all industry players must take all reasonable steps to ensure ships are being properly operated and are in a suitable condition to complete a voyage safely.

The risks from using substandard ships include:

  • casualties - minor delays through to total loss, which carry severe human, environmental and commercial costs
  • undue delays and costs while the ship is inspected in port
  • falling foul of regulators
  • rising insurance costs

Ship vetting involves sourcing data on ships and evaluating the potential risks such as the ship’s structural integrity, competence of owners, managers and crew, past casualties and incidents.

RightShip provides a comprehensive and cost-effective online vetting tool for ships transporting dry bulk, petroleum, chemical and gas. This is complemented by expert advice and support provided by our maritime professionals.

We tailor our services to specific client needs and assist companies setting up their own vetting policy.