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RightShip offers a unique service, hosting organisations' own vetting systems on our secure web server.

Many large organisations have in-house vetting teams and systems. Maintaining and supporting these systems while keeping pace with growing community and regulatory expectations is expensive and time-consuming. Users of the hosted system, focus their attention on ensuring vessel quality and outsource the complexities of infrastructure.

The benefits of our hosted system service include:

  • bespoke system built to your requirements
  • maintains your vetting records and data securely in the cloud
  • housed on existing, proven web-based system (used by RightShip and other hosted clients)
  • fraction of the cost of building a new system
  • saves ongoing cost of development and maintenance in-house
  • gives 24/7 access to users through web (rather than network or mainframe access)
  • provides all the benefits of RightShip's existing, proven vetting system and data