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RightShip Qi - utilising big data and predictive analytics to enhance maritime safety and sustainability.

In 2016 RightShip introduced all customers to the next generation vetting tool, RightShip Qi. Pronounced ‘key’ – and an acronym for Quality Index – RightShip Qi is all about improving maritime safety and efficiency.

Building on the incumbent SVISTM platform, RightShip Qi harnesses big data, predictive analytics and real-time risk assessments to better target substandard maritime performance. Vast quantities of ever-changing data are analysed by sophisticated algorithms to spot patterns and draw conclusions from data sets too large, diverse and dynamic for analysis with previous technology.

RightShip Qi has the ability to instantaneously analyse, compare and integrate data such as port state control inspections, casualty history, satellite data and terminal feedback to identify anomalies and trends.

In harnessing big data RightShip Qi includes more data sources and make better use of the data available now. Regularly reviewed and updated, Qi is a robust, reliable and responsive platform that has been designed to further reduce risk and improve efficiency.

For more information on the use of predictive analytics in RightShip Qi, and insight into the new predictive star rating, view the animation below.