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Change at the helm of INTERMEPA

Date:  14/6/2016

INTERMEPA Chairman WN Past Chair G Tsavliris

(Pictured: Incoming INTERMEPA Chairman Capt. Warwick Norman (L) together with departing Chairman Mr. George Tsavliris)

First non-Mediterranean Chairman elected

INTERMEPA’s outgoing Chairman, Mr. G. Tsavliris, hosted a meeting of the Steering Committee of the International Marine Environment Protection Association - INTERMEPA - in Athens on “World Environment Day”, Sunday 5 June.

Present at the meeting of the Committee were: from AUSMEPA Capt. W. Norman Chairman and Mr M. Kougellis of its Advisory Committee; CYMEPA Dr. M. Ierides, Secretary General; HELMEPA Dr. G. Gratsos Chairman and Capt. D. Mitsatsos, Director General; NAMEPA Mr. C. Maitland outgoing Chairman, Mr. J. Hughes incoming Chairman, and Ms. C. Lyden-Kluss, Executive Director and founding Member; and TURMEPA Ms. S. Kaptanoglu, Chairperson and Mr. A. Ozkural, General Manager.

In compliance with the Articles of the Association, members of the Committee unanimously elected Capt. Warwick Norman as Chairman and Ms. Sadan Kaptanoglu as Vice-Chairperson of INTERMEPA for the next two years. In order to ensure a smooth transition it was also agreed to amend the Articles of Association to allow the Immediate Past Chairman, Mr G. Tsavliris, assist the new Chairman, Capt. Warwick Norman, in an advisory capacity.

Celebrating INTERMEPA’s 10th anniversary the members of the Steering Committee presented their initiatives and exchanged ideas towards strengthening the cooperation of the members of INTERMEPA.

On behalf of all MEPAs, the Secretariat thanked the departing Chairmen - Mr G. Tsavliris of INTERMEPA, Mr. C. Maitland of NAMEPA, and Mr. T. Yaramanci of TURMEPA - for their efforts towards strengthening INTERMEPA’s presence in the international community, and wished them every success in their future endeavors.

According to Capt. Norman, the election of INTERMEPA’s first non-Mediterranean Chairman is symbolic of the organisation’s ability to adapt to shipping’s growing environmental regulatory challenges. “Our industry faces unprecedented challenges, with calls for increasing monitoring and transparency around environmental measures coinciding with weak demand and excess capacity. INTERMEPA will continue to be a pivotal apolitical link between maritime authorities and our member associations whose aim is to protect the marine environment from pollution.”


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