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RightShip Current March 2017

A message from Warwick Norman

Hello from CEO

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the wider industry for your support following the announcement of my departure from RightShip.

In these times of change, both within our organisation and the wider industry, it is important that that the focus remains on the core of what we do: provide leadership and innovation to make our industry safer and more sustainable.

With that in mind, since launching RightShip Qi in late 2016, our team has been hard at work progressing the system and its capabilities. Although it hasn't been completely smooth sailing I'm immensely pleased with the way things are travelling and our team's ability to respond to challenges.

So far, we have over 2,000 users in Qi, and our vetting team have processed around 13,000 vets, which in these early stages is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved.

We encourage you to continue providing us with feedback - your input is invaluable as we continue our work on the system and it's functionality.

With Corporate Social Responsibility key to RightShip operations, I am proud that our team are taking on new challenges to raise money for Sailors' Society, supporting the incredibly important work they do to improve the health and welfare of those at sea - find more details below about how you or your organisation can show support.

With these initiatives, as well as our carbon offset projects entering new spaces industry-wide, it is an exciting time for RightShip and our customers as we look towards the future of predictive vetting, and the wealth of opportunities that this will provide for the maritime sector.

Warwick Norman, CEO

Safety & risk: RightShip Qi update

Right Ship Qi LI Tiny

With RightShip Qi up and away, we'd like to thank you for your support and patience during the launch period. Three years in the making, Qi was quite an undertaking for our small but dedicated team, and we appreciate your continued understanding as we carry on developing the platform to deliver the most sophisticated vetting system possible.

On that note, following are the top features now available in Qi:

  • Full vetting
  • Terminal questionnaires
  • Dry berth & loading feedback forms
  • Vessel history reporting
  • PSC activity & reporting
  • INC activity & reporting
  • Vessel ratings & reporting
  • Company page & fleet lists
  • Lists & alerts features

With these functions available to users, the Qi team are currently working on ensuring system stability and implementing change requests that are a high priority to our customers. This includes fixing any defects in the system that present themselves through Intercom, our in-built customer support system. 

We are also focusing on API integrations, which allow certain customers to access Qi data; as well as the clean-up of our mobile and tablet site.

Carbon offsetting

Right Ship Carbon Offset Sponsor Logo

RightShip is now - certified and officially - a carbon-neutral organisation! We have purchased carbon credits to offset the emissions of our three global offices, which includes not just our business operations and work-related travel, but also staff travel to and from the office.

Our carbon offsetting is not just internal - we have recently piloted a carbon-offset product which will allow our customers to caculate and potentially offset the carbon emissions associated with their shipping activity. We have initiated this externally-verified process with a number of our customers to date, and look toward expanding the reach of this product with interested parties. For more information, please contact

We are also providing carbon-offset sponsorship to selected maritime conferences, wereby we offset the GHG emissions associated with these events to make them carbon-neutral. Upcoming events we are supporting as Carbon Offset Sponsors include CMA Shipping in Stamford (drop in to booth 95!), MIAL SEA 17 in Queensland - Australia, Green4Sea Conference in Athens, Green ShipTech China Congress in Shanghai, and GreenTech 2017 in Fort Lauredale.

Out & About

We've been busy! With a new year comes a new schedule of maritime industry events and conferences, in both the risk and environment spaces.

So far, we've had representatives attend the IHS Maritime Risk Forum in London; NAMEPA in Houston; Mare Forum 2017 in Greece, as well as the inaugural Wellness at Sea conference hosted by Sailors' Society.

RightShip are once again attending CMA Shipping 2017 in Stamford. We are proud carbon-offset sponsors of this event, and are hosting a private-label seminar at 11am on March 21, focusing on the use or predictive analytics to enhance maritime safety & sustainability. You can also visit our display at booth #95.

In addition, RightShip will have representatives at MIAL SEA 17 in Queensland, Green ShipTech China Congress in Shanghai, and at the Singapore Marine Insurance Conference, where Warwick is presenting on the benefits of using a predictive model in assessing marine risk and potential claims.

For a full agenda of events, please visit our website.


RightShip London 10 Year Anniversary

The 10 year anniversary of RightShip London was celebrated in style last month, with a cocktail party held on Friday the 17th of Feburary at the historic Tallow Chandlers' Hall, Dowgate Hill.

With a diverse group of representatives from the London shipping scene attending, the event marked the occasion with great food, wine and entertainment. Congratulations to David Peel and the RightShip London team on this significant milestone.


RightShip fundraising for Sailors' Society


There are currently two different RightShip fundraising ventures in the works, both of which support the fantastic work that Sailors' Society do to improve seafarer health and wellbeing.

EMEA Vetting Superintendent Mathieu Antin is busy braving the bitter London winter in  training for the 2017 London Marathon, a significant physical challenge with all money raised being donated to the Sailors' Society.

Support Mathieu in this undertaking by donating here.

We are also proud to be sending Mick Darcey, Laura Allen and Yannis Papanastasio to the top of Mount Fansipan in April to complete the Sailors' Society Asian Challenge. At a height of 3,143 metres, this 15km hike is no small feat, and we hope to reach a fundraising amount that reflects their efforts and dedication.

Donate to team Rightship here!

RightShip match all funding dollar-for-dollar, so dig deep knowing that even a small donation can go a long way to assist a worthy cause.

RightShip Directors

Pictured here in front of the decision tree for Rightship Qi's predictive model, the RightShip board met in our Melbourne office in February.

Board 2 08Feb

From front: Andrew Barker (Chairman - Cargill), Saurabh Dasgupta (BHP Billiton), Warwick Norman (CEO - RightShip), Rashpal Bhatti (BHP Billiton), Peter Mannion (Rio Tinto), Andrew Broad (Rio Tinto), Felix McKeown (Cargill).

RightShip Current February 2017

Change in leadership at RightShip

After 16 years at the helm of RightShip, I have decided to step aside from my role as CEO.

I have had the privilege of serving as CEO of RightShip for more than a decade and a half. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am proud of all that we have achieved. But I felt it was time for a change, and so decided that I will step back and make some room for the next generation of leaders at RightShip.

To support this change I will stay on as CEO until later this year, and after that as a strategic consultant to RightShip, assisting with the transition to a new CEO and continuing to build on RightShip's commitment to innovation in maritime safety & sustainability.

I am extremely proud of the role that RightShip has come to play in the shipping industry, growing from start-up to pre-eminent maritime safety organisation with global impact and reach.

In 2016, we successfully launched our new online vetting platform, RightShip Qi. Three years in development, RightShip Qi brings big data and predictive analytics to the maritime industry, typifying the innovation and leadership that has become synonymous with RightShip within the industry.

My passion for seafarer safety and welfare, and the environmental sustainability of the industry, will endure long after my departure from RightShip. In the meantime, it's 'business as usual' at RightShip, and you can rest assured that our commitment to your business remains steadfast.

I thank you for the years of support, both personally and professionally, and look forward to what lies ahead.

Warwick Norman - CEO, RightShip

Img _Warwick Norman

RightShip Current October 2016

Current - news from RightShip

Hello from CEO

Times continue to be tough for many, although there does seem to be something of a reprieve with improved freight rates in some sectors. Let's hope these are sustainable.

As with the wider industry, life is never dull at RightShip! We have commenced the rollout of our new online vetting platform, RightShip Qi.

It has been used internally for some months now; and we are also gradually adding customer groups who utilise specific functions.

Our approach is a careful and deliberate rollout - some details below, and more to come in the coming weeks - however so far, so good.

On the sustainability front, we are proud to be partnering with AUSMEPA in the development of a shipping emissions portal for ports. Please assist them win seed funding from by voting here.

Our London office has recently moved - see below for details.

Thank-you for all the good wishes on my recent election as Chairman of INTERMEPA. It is an honour, and I look forward to continuing to work both within the MEPA community and the wider maritime industry to "save our seas".

Warwick Norman, CEO - RightShip

RightShip Qi Rollout

The first phase of the Qi rollout has been successfully completed, and the next stage is upon us.

In October/November all customers will be granted access to Qi at defined intervals - so please be patient!

The predictive risk (star) rating will be available in a 'view-only' capacity, whilst vetting and the 'official' star rating will continue in SVIS. This will allow all customers to preview and understand the new rating before the transition to RightShip Qi is final.

You will receive separate communication from us prior to your transition, which will  include training opportunities and materials.

The final transition to RightShip Qi is scheduled for November/December this year.

Why change to Qi?

For more information on the rationale behind upgrading our vetting platform from SVIS to RightShip Qi, view our brief video "Moving with the times".

This outlines the benefits of the upgraded platform, including the advantages of using predictive analytics in maritime vetting.

Moving with the Times - English

Moving with the Times - Japanese subtitles

Moving with the Times - Chinese subtitles

Moving with the Times - Spanish subtitles

AUSMEPA Finalists: Google Impact Challenge

Image For Social Media Updates

AUSMEPA's Shipping Emissions Portal for ports has been selected as one of ten finalists in the 2016 Google Impact Challenge Australia.

The Emisisons Portal utilises satellite tracking and a big data approach to measure air quality and changing air patterns throughout the port environs.

AUSMEPA could be one of four organisations to receive a $750,000 grant to assist in developing the portal. The six additional finalists will each receive $250,000.

Click here to vote for AUSMEPA - it only takes a few seconds. Voting is open until 25 October.

RightShip are proud to be partnering with AUSMEPA on this project - more information is available here.

Out & About


Since May this year, we've been busy conducting industry briefings in Athens, Olso, Hamburg, Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kobe and Imabari, to introduce the industry to RightShip Qi.

We would like to thank all attendees, as well as the many people who assisted us in delivering these workshops.

In the coming months, RightShip will be attending a number of conferences and events covering maritime safety and sustainability. Find more information here, or keep up-to-date via Twitter or LinkedIn.

RightShip London has moved

London Calling

New address: 4th Floor, 6 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2SU.

New telephone: +44 203 872 5900

E-mail remains

RightShip Current May 2016

RightShip Qi to replace SVIS

I'm pleased to announce that we are on the cusp of launching our new online platform, RightShip Qi.

In order to ensure a smooth change over we will be conducting a staged transition throughout the coming months.

We will be in touch over the coming weeks with details, dates, system demonstrations and training opportunities.

We have a busy period ahead, and hope to catch up with many of you at Posidonia (stand #2.214) or at events that are more local to you.

Warwick Norman CEO, RightShip

Img _Warwick Norman

RightShip Qi Rollout


In order to ensure a smooth transition from SVIS to Qi we will contact each registered user by e-mail with information containing dates, process, training options etc. If you need to update your details please contact us.

We are also developing a series of demonstration videos and webinars to assist our customers through the changeover.

In the meantime please refer to our website for information on RightShip Qi.

Posidonia 2016


The largest gathering in the international shipping calendar, Posidonia 2016 is where the Greek Shipping community welcomes the international maritime industry to focus on key issues for Greek shipping.

Visitors to RightShip's exhibit at Posidonia will be given a live online tour of RightShip Qi, and receive a complimentary printed overview of their vessels' updated star rating and company profile.

RightShip representatives at Posidonia 2016:

Warwick Norman, CEO

David Peel, Manager- Europe, Middle East & Africa

RightShip stand #2.214

GreenTech 2016

Greentech 2016

As 'Green' sponsors RightShip are again proud to be working with Green Marine to make GreenTech 2016 a carbon-neutral event, RightShip's Sustainability Manager, Kris Fumberger, will be attending GreenTech 2016 along with Vice-President - Americas, Anuj Chopra.

Kris will address the delegates on "Sustainable Vessel Selection: A Financial Perspective". We welcome the opportunity to discuss the use of the GHG Emissions Rating for vessel selection, or for use in the port incentive program.

Surge in use: GHG Emissions Rating

COP21b .130857

Following COP21 and MEP69 there has been a lot in the media regarding the maritime industry's inaction on GHG emissions.

Our experience, however, tells a different story: organisations around the world are not stadning idle, waiting for regulators to act.

Thirty-nine charterers representing 20% of all cargo movements worldwide (over 2.2 billion dwt) plus 3 terminals, 2 ports, 4 banks and 12 shipowners use the GHG Rating as a vessel selection tool.

For an overview of the GHG Rating and how it can benefit your organisation, visit our website.


Vessel Verification

The accuracy of the GHG Rating depends upon the reliability of the source data. Almost 12,000 ships have now had their vessel specifications updated in our system.

To review your vessel's GHG Rating and the particulars used to calculate this please log into SVIS or visit

If you would like to update your vessel specifications you can do so through or by contacting RightShip.


RightShip Current December 2015

Maritime Industry Leading by Example in Cutting CO2 Emissions

Ahead of COP21, 26 of the 35 charterers that include vessel efficiency in their supply chain selection have come together to highlight their proactive measures on climate change.

By using the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Rating to find the more efficient vessels, these industry leaders are using their influence to incite change in the maritime industry by rewarding ship owners that prioritise efficiency.

The 35 charterers that utilise the GHG Emissions Rating collectively undertake over 26,000 vessel movements and ship more htan two billion dead weight tonne annually. These charterers include Baere Maritime, BHP Billiton, Canpotex, Cargill, Dubai Supply Authority, Greenergy, HESS, Hudson Shipping Lines, Huntsman, Incitec Pivot Limited, Ixom, Nidera, Noble Chartering, Olam, Olin-Blue Cube, Par Pacific - HIE, PTTEP, Refidomsa, Rio Tinto, Saudi Aramco Products Trading Company, Scorpio Group, Targa Resources, The Mosaic Company, UNIPEC UK and Z Energy.

Developed in 2010 in response to customer demand, the GHG Emissions Rating is available free of charge to all RightShip customers through their online risk management platform.

The GHG Rating allows charteres and other stakeholders to assess the efficiency of vessels through use of an A to G scale, where A represents the most efficient ships. It enables companies to find the more efficient vessels and avoid chartering inefficient vessles, thus lowering fuel bills whilst also helping them calculate and benchmark their carbon footprint from shipping.

For more details veiw the media release here.

GHG Rating Charterers

RightShip Current August 2015

GHG Emissions Rating updates

RightShip is committed to ensuring our GHG Emissions Rating reflects the latest outcomes from the IMO working groups, and aslo responds to industry feedback.

Following a recent review by DNV GL we are making some minor adjustments to our formula so it more accurately evaluates existing vessels as well as enabling us to apply it to additional vessel types.

Whilst these will not have a large impact overall, it may cause a slight adjustment so some vessel ratings.

These updates will take place over the next few weeks and will include

  • changes to assumed fuel type for non-verified vessels
  • aligning ship types for comparison of GHG Emissions Rating with recent updates, and
  • updating the Phase 1 Reference Line comparison

If you have any questions relating to the GHG Emissions Rating or the upgrades we are undertaking please contact us.A G Graph

Vessel Verification

The accuracy of the GHG Emissions Rating depends upon the reliability of source data. To review your vessel's GHG Rating and the particulars used to calculate this please visit

If you would like to update your vessel specifications you can do so through or by contacting RightShip.


RightShip Current April 2015

Current - news from RightShip

Greetings to all RightShip stakeholders and customers, and welcome to Current, our online newsletter.

We have seen a busy start to 2015, with fluctuating commodity prices and political instability in some parts of the world keeping the industry on its toes. Thanks to you, our clients, RightShip is continuing to grow steadily which allows us to innovate, develop and give back to the industry.

From an innovation perspective have spent the last eighteen months building our new online platform, RightShip Qi, which will launch later this year. In giving back to the industry, we are proud that our GHG Emissions Rating is enjoying increasing take-up across the supply chain and in so doing supporting the industry’s environmental sustainability; and we continue our work supporting the Sailors’ Society across a number of levels.

Read on!

Warwick Norman CEO, RightShip
Img _Warwick Norman

Rewarding Sustainability

RightShip’s commitment to a sustainable future for the shipping industry is bearing fruit. Almost one quarter of non-containerised trade, representing some 34 organisations shipping around 1.9 billion tonnes of cargo per year, use the GHG Emissions Rating as a vessel selection tool.

This short video (above) outline  the financial and environmental benefits of the GHG Rating. For those who require more detailed information we have plenty of supporting documentation on the RightShip website.

Our port incentive program – which helps ports encourage and reward more sustainable vessels – is also generating significant interest and traction. Even better is the increasing contribution this makes to an environmentally sustainable maritime industry.

For more information on the GHG Rating or a discussion about how it can benefit your organisation, please contact

RightShip Qi

Launching to our vetting customers in the third quarter of 2015, RightShip Qi will bring you the benefits of big data and predictive analytics, ensuring that we continue to provide the most up-to-date, reliable and efficient online platform available. Latest updates and a preview of what it will look like can be found on the RightShip website.

Supporting the Sailors' Society

RightShip’s support of the Sailors’ Society continues with the contribution of a percentage of our profits to the Sailors’ Society, who have used this to fund their ‘Wellness at Sea’ program.

RightShip staff also actively volunteer and fundraise on behalf of the Sailors’ Society. Our latest project is the 2015 Asian Challenge, in which 3 of our staff will climb South-East Asia’s highest peak, Mt Kinabalu. We would greatly appreciate your support of our efforts by way of a donation! Contributions can be made securely online via JustGiving – RightShip2015

Team RightShip for the 2015 Challenge is Bryan Guenther, Irek Burakowski and Slav Ostrowicki…

Bryan Guenther
As Program Manager – Qi, Bryan is RightShip’s centre of excellence, innovation and boundless energy! If his performance in the office is anything to go by, Bryan will be leading the charge up Mt Kinabalu, providing motivation and enthusiasm to all around him. As someone who spends his holidays riding bikes – competitively – up mountains, Bryan is one of the few people who does not need to do additional training to be match-fit for this particular challenge. Like the rest of us, however, he does need help with fundraising…

Slav Ostrowicki
Slav, a Vetting Superintendent from our London office, has been with RightShip for 7 years. Slav’s motivation to support the Sailors’ Society stems from his 16 years at sea, five of which he was in command of ships.  A keen motorcyclist – and indeed, a fan of anything that moves with speed and grace - he has also been known to ride a pushbike and walk the Norfolk downs when encouraged and accompanied by his wife. Aside from supporting the Sailors’ Society, Slav’s challenges include raising the money – and his fitness levels! – to see him in good stead up and down Mt Kinabalu.

Irek Burakowski
Working and training alongside Slav, Irek is also a Vetting Superintendent from RightShip’s London office. Irek spent 15 years at sea where he learned to have high respect for the forces of nature! Ashore, Irek has been with RightShip for 2 years; and when he is not consumed with the safety of vessels at sea, he is a huge Chelsea supporter and keen hill climber and cyclist.

Your donations to our 2015 Mt Kinabalu Challenge are most appreciated. Thank you.

Slav & Irek Mt Kinabalu Training 6bBryan Bike Overhead

TRACE Anti-Corruption Rating: Pilot Program

TRACE International works to advance commercial transparency in support of a maritime industry free of corruption.

In partnership with RightShip, TRACE is offering vessel owners a compliance rating and due diligence report which includes sanctions screening and an internationally-recognised anti-bribery review. This compliance rating will result in greater commercial transparency and reduced risk to charterers.

For vessel owners who choose to undergo the compliance rating (CR) process, this CR will be displayed on the RightShip online platform. As part of a pilot program TRACE will be vetting up to 15 vessel owners, at no charge (after the pilot, the annual fee for the Compliance Rating will be US$2800). For more information on being part of this pilot program please refer to the attached documentation or contact TRACE directly at

TRACE Rightship CR 1

A pat on the back...

We would like to thank all of you who nominated, recommended, supported, acknowledged and congratulated us on the following:

Tanker Shipping & Trade industry leaders - #50, Warwick Norman

Lloyds List 100 most influential people in shipping - #72, Warwick Norman

2014 Australian Export Hero – Warwick NormanWarwicknorman Export Awards 2014