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GHG Emissions Rating

Environmental Incentive Programs for Ports and Terminals

Positioned – quite literally – at the forefront of the effects of global warming and rising sea levels, ports are increasingly aware of the impact of CO2 emissions.

Pioneering ports such as Canada’s Port Metro Vancouver and Prince Rupert Port Authority now use RightShip’s GHG Rating to offer incentives for more efficient ships, and are enthusiastic about the benefits experienced since introducing their environmental incentive programs.

Download: Port Incentive Program

The benefits include:

  • ability to benchmark and track emissions per vessel call, which allows the development of a baseline of emissions and the development of an overall carbon-emissions target,
  • ability to increase cargo volumes (throughput) while maintaining or reducing overall CO2 emissions,
  • reduced emissions in the port area and for the entire journey,
  • health benefits for local residents from associated emission reductions, and
  • improved stakeholder relations generating significant social capital within the local community as well as the wider maritime industry.

Port Metro Vancouver and Prince Rupert have positioned themselves as leaders with their respective programmes, pioneering a recent and growing global movement to increase focus on emissions and efficiency.

A positive spin-off has also been the significant amount of positive media exposure the incentive programs have generated for their ports, recognising their efforts in driving sustainable shipping.

"We're proud to be accelerating the shipping industry's movement toward greater efficiency and sustainability using RightShip’s GHG Emissions Rating. Since launching our Green Wave vessel incentive program in 2014, RightShip has been an exemplary qualifying measurement that has allowed vessel charterers and owners to take advantage of significant discounts to harbour dues at the Port of Prince Rupert. The support we have received through our partnership with RightShip has been integral to the success of our program. Our recognition of environmental performance is encouraging the adoption of similar practices across the global shipping industry."

Port Rupert

Don Krusel, President & CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority.