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Ship owners with access to the RightShip Qi platform can track events such as casualties, incidents and rating changes to their fleet, and receive automated advice about any change to their vessels.

This enables them to proactively address any deficiencies or incidents by providing information to close out the incident. Ship owners can also view the risk rating of their vessel and benchmark their company performance against both best practice and the RightShip global average.

Insurers are rewarding ship owners who have superior quality vessels with reduced premiums, while owners with a history of a well-maintained fleet list can also obtain finance more easily.

Case Study: Carras (Hellas) SA

Charterer Case Study: Carras (Hellas) SA

“At the beginning we were aiming to further strengthen our commercial position and comply with charterers’ latest requirements. However, since then, we have realised that the benefits gained by such co-operation are multiple and have exceeded by far our initial expectations.

"Our co-operation, based on honesty, professionalism and constructive contribution, has allowed us to identify potential areas of improvement and to upgrade our company's standards. In addition, the RightShip databases provide us with a vast amount of information that facilitate our benchmarking and enable us to evaluate our company objectively."

“RightShip's tendency to support the development of new environmental programs has helped us to proactively become interested in the forthcoming regulations.

“In this risky and competitive shipping world, RightShip has been proven to be an important ally in preventing and/or overcoming the problems that arise. Thank you for your continuous support and excellent co-operation.”

Ship owner Carras (Hellas), based in Piraeus, Greece, joined RightShip in 2008 to source additional information to benefit its fleet of 23 ships.