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About RightShip

RightShip is committed to making a difference to the maritime sector.

By making our seas safer, minimising the environmental impact of international shipping and supporting not-for-profit organisations that work towards improving the wellbeing of seafarers, we believe we can make a difference.


Through RightShip’s commitment to raising safety standards, substandard ships have been removed, rather than relocated from the supply chain. This places strong market pressure on ship owners and operators to raise their safety standards.

RightShip is a signatory to the Poseidon Challenge and is working towards zero fatalities, zero pollution and zero detentions. Intercargo members are recognised for their better-than-average port state control records and are awarded additional quality bonus points to their vessels risk rating score.


In 2014, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) estimated that international shipping contributes around 800 million tonnes of CO2 each year, which amounts to around 2.2% of the global total. If unabated, the industry's emissions are projected to increase by between 50% and 250% by 2050.

RightShip's answer to this alarming issue is the GHG Emissions Rating, which compares the theoretical carbon dioxide emissions of ships of a similar size and type, allowing for informed sustainable vessel selection. In early 2016, the RightShip GHG Emissions Rating was used by 27 charterers, who account for 1 in every 5 vessels chartered worldwide, or over 2 billion dwt per annum.

In addition, RightShip is a founding member the World Ocean Council, a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to catalyse collaboration in ocean sustainability and stewardship, tackling global marine environmental issues and advancing "Corporate Ocean Responsibility".

RightShip also recognise the important role HELMEPA, AUSMEPA, CYMEPA and NAMEPA undertake to promote sound environmental practice and reward all member vessels with an increase in the RightShip environmental rating.

Giving Back

Giving back to the maritime industry is important to RightShip. In the past two years we have supported the following not-for-profit organisations:

  • The Sailors’ Society – donating AUD$70K to provide social welfare coaching in maritime technical colleges across China; raised over USD$12K in the 2017 Asian Challenge (further to the USD$20K+ raised in 2015). In addition, our Vetting Superintendent Mathieu Antin completed the London Marathon in support of Sailors' Society, raising a further GBP 3,000.
  • Mission to Seafarers, Melbourne, Australia – RightShip employees each offer one day of their professional services per annum. We also sponsor the art show and have donated AUD$10K to assist with the purchase of a second bus to transport seafarers
  • Yale University - USD$40K to fund the development of a sustainable seafarer research database, which is dedicated to the study and promotion of seafarer health and wellness, whilst providing actionable information to reduce injury and illness at sea. 
  • Alma Doepel restoration fund - donated over AUD$11K to cover the cost of forged, galvanised bolts required for fasting the new hull framing and planking on Alma Doepel
  • Port Arthur Seafarers Centre, Houston, TX - donated USD$2K to purchase computer equipment
  • Seafarers House, Fort Lauredale, Florida - donated over USD$7K to purchase computer equipment

RightShip also has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) to better address and understand the industry’s human element.

1 Pangolin Associates - Greenhouse Gas Assessment for RightShip Pty Ltd FY 2015/16