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1 Nov 18


Since February 2008, in recognition of the quality objectives and synergies between INTERCARGO’s “Benchmarking Bulk Carriers” and RightShip’s then online vetting tool, SVIS, INTERCARGO members have received a small positive adjustment to the risk rating in the RightShip algorithm...

Since February 2008, in recognition of the quality objectives and synergies between INTERCARGO’s “Benchmarking Bulk Carriers” and RightShip’s then online vetting tool, SVIS, INTERCARGO members have received a small positive adjustment to the risk rating in the RightShip algorithm...

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26 Oct 18


We were disappointed to learn that Paris MoU will be withdrawing its PSC data in a format that allows us, and many others across the maritime industry, to access and utilise it efficiently. We have met with Paris MoU secretariat to discuss this decision, which was taken by the Committee representing its Member States. They confirmed that this decision was not made to directly target RightShip...

We were disappointed to learn that Paris MoU will be withdrawing its PSC data in a format that allows us, and many others across the maritime industry, to access and utilise it efficiently. We have met with Paris MoU secretariat to discuss this decision, which was taken by the Committee representing its Member States. They confirmed that this decision was not made to directly target RightShip...

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20 Mar 18


By marrying a carbon offset programme with its proprietary solution for measuring scope 3 emissions...

By marrying a carbon offset programme with its proprietary solution for measuring scope 3 emissions...

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2 Feb 18


RightShip, the world’s leading maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation, has appointed its new CEO. Martin Crawford-Brunt...

RightShip, the world’s leading maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation, has appointed its new CEO. Martin Crawford-Brunt will replace...

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26 Jan 18


In recognition of his years of outstanding service to the international shipping industry...

In recognition of his years of outstanding service to the international shipping industry, Captain Warwick Norman has...

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19 Sep 17


A group of international shipping industry leaders will join forces...

A group of international shipping industry leaders will join forces...

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2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015



It’s been eight months since I started in the role as RightShip CEO, and I would like to thank everyone for the welcome and the feedback that has been provided to me during this time.

I have spent a good deal of time meeting up with industry bodies and customers, and this will continue in the coming months as we visit Japan and Hong Kong together with LISCR, Class NK and Marshall Islands Registry.

Many thanks to those of you who provided feedback to us earlier in the year. Topline results follow below, however the feedback was interesting and varied, and provides us with rich information on which to build our future – with our customer at the centre.

To thank participants for their feedback we made a donation to the Sailors’ Society for each survey response, with the total donation coming to over $12K. Thank you.

One aspect of the feedback which came through strongly is the discontent with the way PSC data is generated, used and analysed. We have accelerated our innovation program to compensate for this, which has also enabled us to be on the front foot should Paris MoU Secretariat stick to their decision to withdraw their commercial data feed from the industry at the end of the year.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Martin Crawford-Brunt – CEO RightShip

Paris MoU: Withdrawal of automatic data feed

We were disappointed to learn that Paris MoU will be withdrawing its PSC data in a format that allows us, and many others across the maritime industry, to access and utilise it efficiently.

We have met with Paris MoU Secretariat to discuss this decision, which was taken by the Committee representing its Member States. They confirmed that this decision was not made to directly target RightShip.

Paris MoU acknowledge the safety and environmental benefits that RightShip delivers – partly through use of this data – which they will continue to supply in its current form until the end of the year (31 December 2018). After this, the data will remain available both through the Paris MoU and Equasis websites on a vessel-by-vessel basis. As it is inefficient to use data in this format, this may result in vetting assessment delays for customers.

RightShip employs a predictive risk model which is under continuous development based on re-training of the algorithm, customer feedback and the domain knowledge and experience of our team. Our model receives data from several sources and this PSC data feed in the current format is one of many inputs.

This decision provides us with an opportunity to accelerate planned refinements to our risk management practises and algorithm, however we acknowledge that having this data feed in a usable format is beneficial.

We will continue to work with Paris MoU Secretariat and member states to support our mutual objectives of improved maritime safety, quality and sustainability in the maritime industry.

Meet our Regional Managers

Anuj Chopra – Vice President, Americas (at left)

With over 30 years maritime experience both at sea & onshore, Anuj joined RightShip in 2013 to drive business development, lead the vetting team and foster customer relations in the Americas Region.

Anuj considers environmental considerations to be one of the biggest challenges currently facing the maritime industry. ‘As industry pushes to reduce its carbon footprint & enact tighter regulations on CO2 emissions from shipping, there is mounting pressure on organisations not only to meet these new regulations but to get on the front foot & move more autonomously towards a low carbon economy. It’s fantastic to see more & more organisations take the leap & use tools like our GHG Rating to achieve this’.

Anuj is an inherently social individual who has strong relationships in the maritime industry. A very community-minded person, Anuj is active in community welfare and mentoring projects and also loves his golf.

David Peel – Manager Europe, Middle East & Africa (middle)

Since opening RightShip’s London office in 2007, David has significantly grown the European business and now oversees thirteen vetting superintendents. When asked about corporate social responsibility in the maritime industry, David, who is a Director of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, believes the most pressing social issues relates to seafarer health & wellbeing and human rights.

‘Times are changing as you can see from last year’s amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention and new powers under the UK’s Modern Slavery Act, which can carry severe penalties for offenders. Organisations need to ask themselves: what are we doing to ensure we adhere to Human Rights principals and legislation? This needs to be an active, not a passive commitment – and we have tools available to assist with this.’

David enjoys cliff walks & playing base guitar, and as anyone who has met him will attest, he is a forthright, affable and social person – but he doesn’t like smiling for the camera…

Hayden Latchford, Manager Australasia (at right)

With over 35 years of maritime experience both at sea and onshore, Hayden commenced with RightShip in 2011 as Tanker Inspection & Vetting Superintendent before stepping up to manage the Australasian vetting and dry cargo inspection teams in 2018.

As a mariner, Hayden believes that high safety standards are key to a successful maritime business. ‘Keeping your crew & your cargo safe is essential. When safety isn’t a priority, not only are you putting the lives of your crew at risk, you are gambling a huge investment in your cargo’.

Hayden enjoys running during his lunch break & playing cricket on the weekend, in his attempt to achieve more balance in mind and body – which also translates to a balance between desk/couch and fresh air!

RightShip’s new Vetting Superintendents

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce RightShip’s newest Vetting Superintendents.

Raul Hernandez – Houston (at left)

Raul has more than 25 years’ experience in the Maritime industry, specialising in ship structures & engine inspection / repairs, surveys, marine management systems, project management and planning. Raul spent 10 years as a Technical Marine Superintendent, and has been in marine surveying for the past 18 years.

Rosevelt Fernandes – Houston (middle)

Rosevelt started his career as an Engineer Cadet, working up to a First Engineer. He then moved to a position as a Trainee Surveyor, later working up to independent Surveyor and then Senior Surveyor.

Rosevelt has a Mechanical Engineering qualification and has completed Class I and Class II Marine Engineer qualifications. He is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Maritime Management.

Kishore Suryanarayanan Melbourne (at right)

Kishore joins RightShip as an Extra Master Mariner, and is currently enrolled in a Master of Business Administration course. Prior to joining RightShip he worked a Superintendent, coordinating and responding to SIRE inspections, conducting internal audits, conducting incident investigations, analysing incident trends and was also involved with TMSA audits.

Welcome Raul, Rosevelt & Kishore to the RightShip team!

JUNE 2018


Posidonia 2018 has come and gone, and what a week was had by the RightShip team!

A massive thanks to all those who visited our stand, mingled with us at events & showed enthusiasm towards our work in creating safer vessels & cleaner seas. As always, it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to connect with a range of different players in the international maritime community.

Take a look at our Twitter feed or LinkedIn page to see the comings & goings of the RightShip team at Posidonia.

Now that the dust has settled (& we’re appropriately well-rested) after an eventful week in Greece we can honestly say we look forward to coming back in 2020!

Pictured L-R are our London-based team of Envangelos Melas (Vetting Superintendent), Martin Crawford-Brunt (CEO), David Peel (Manager – EMEA) & Scott Hutchins (Business Analyst – Customers) at the RightShip stand.

Qi Release: Auto-cancellation of tasks

As part of a range of updates to RightShip Qi scheduled in the coming weeks, auto-cancellation of tasks in Qi is being released on Tuesday 19th June (AEST).

In order to avoid lists of dormant tasks in Qi, any customer activity (including vets & vetting questionnaires) that has been started but not completed will be automatically cancelled 25 days from the creation date.

E-mail reminders will be sent 5 days prior to cancellation, as well as notification once the activity has been cancelled. Reminder and cancellation dates will be set at these default levels, but can be tailored upon request.

The Qi support team will notify users via the in-app message service once the release has occurred.

Need more information?

You can read a help centre article for more information, and if you have any specific queries or concerns please contact the Qi support team.

Details regarding other upcoming Qi releases will be communicated in due course. You can also sign up for a Qi customer webinar below to learn more about these scheduled changes to the Qi platform.

Data Insights

RightShip Qi uses predictive analytics to consider the likelihood that a vessel will have an incident in the next 12 months.

We have data on how the the Qi predictive model performed in 2017, which shows a one star bulker being 19 times more likely to have an incident than a 5 star bulker.

Visit our website to view our range of data insights relating to the safety & environmental sustainability of the world’s fleet.





After 16 years as RightShip’s founding CEO, it’s time for me to bid you all farewell.

I formally finished in the role CEO at the end of January, moving to a position of Advisory to the CEO and board where I will assist in the transition during February and March, before starting a new chapter in my career.

It has been an extraordinary journey over the 16 years for me personally as well as for RightShip, and I do believe that – in no small way – we have improved the safety standards of the world’s shipping fleet.

From humble beginnings in 2001, and with 4 employees in Melbourne we conducted 35 inspections and 974 vets (88.8 million dwt) in our first year. Fast forward 16 years and we have 3 offices, 50 employees, and have cumulatively undertaken around 27,000 inspections and 365,000 vets (30.5 billion dwt).

Importantly, we have kept around 13,500 unsafe vessels from our customers’ supply chains.

In 2009 we launched the GHG Rating, and in contrast to early predictions it has enjoyed wide-spread industry acceptance, now influencing over 20% of chartering decisions.

The RightShip board have undertaken a thorough recruitment process to appoint my successor, Martin Crawford-Brunt, who I believe will do an excellent job in leading RightShip into the future. Martin officially commences with RightShip on 12 March when we will attend CMA together with RightShip’s VP-Americas, Anuj Chopra. In the meantime I’m leaving you in the hands of our very capable and experienced Management Team (see below).

So long for now! Many thanks for your custom, companionship, camaraderie – and yes, even your complaints over the last 16 years. You have kept us on our toes, and together we have built a safer and more sustainable maritime environment.

I look forward to watching RightShip continue to develop, grow and challenge the industry in the years to come!

Warwick Norman, AM – Outgoing CEO, RightShip


We are delighted to announce that Martin Crawford-Brunt will be joining RightShip as our new CEO.

Commencing on 12 March, and working initially from RightShip’s London office, Martin brings more than 20 years of maritime sector experience to RightShip.

Martin has a track record sucessfully building businesses and delivering increased value to shipowners. He joins RightShip from DNV GL where he was responsible for leading significant change, transforming the business model and intoducing innovative services.

Professionally and personally we believe that Martin is a great fit for RightShip. Warwick, Martin and Anuj Chopra (VP-Americas) will be attending CMA together and hope to see many of you there. For more information on Martin’s appointment see here.

Martin For Current



Following the retirement of our long-serving Manager – Dry Inspections, Glen Symonds; RightShip are very pleased to announce that Hayden Latchford has stepped up to manage the Australasian vetting and dry cargo inspection team. Hayden has been with RightShip for 6 years and is an experienced and highly valued member of our team. Congratulations Hayden!

Hayden For Current


Keeping RightShip on course are our Management Team which now comprises:

Wayne Blumenthal, Strategic & Commercial Manager, wayne.blumenthal@rightship.com

David Peel, Manager – EMEA, david.peel@rightship.com

Anuj Chopra, VP – Americas, anuj.chopra@rightship.com

Hayden Latchford, Manager – Australasia, hayden.latchford@rightship.com

Jimmy Leong, Manager – Petroleum Inspections, jimmy.leong@rightship.com

Sarah Leslie, Financial Controller, sarah.leslie@rightship.com

Bryan Guenther, Program Manager – Qi, bryan.guenther@rightship.com

Kate Kydd, HR Consultant, kate.kydd@rightship.com

Helen Gibney, Marketing & Communications Manager, helen.gibney@rightship.com




As a new CEO has not yet been engaged for RightShip, the Board have asked me to extend my tenure here until January 2018.

The plan remains that following the appointment of my replacement I will stay on as an advisor to the RightShip Board and incoming CEO for some months.

The Board are going through a very thorough & detailed process to ensure the right person takes up the role. In the meantime I’m still at the helm, and as you can see it’s ‘business as usual’ at RightShip.

On the subject of staff movements, Glen Symonds (Manager – Dry Vetting) has announced his retirement after ten years at RightShip.

Responsible for our global Dry Cargo Inspections, Glen’s hard work and passion for the maritime industry has been invaluable to us at RightShip. He will be sorely missed, and we wish both Glen and Mary-Ann all the very best for his retirement.

I would like to thank all our customers for their patience whilst we undertook the first retrain of Qi. As this was the model’s first retrain and it had been some months since release, there was a greater than usual ‘movement’ of risk ratings, which won’t be as significant in future retrains. If anyone would like to query the cause of rating changes please contact us.

Future retrains will be more frequent and have less impact on vessel rating stability. For more information on the retrain visit our website.

Warwick Norman, CEO, RightShip


Although we have retained the 5 star risk rating symbol, the new predictive risk model introduced with RightShip Qi represents an entirely new risk rating calculation.

In a 5 star rating system, the ‘average’ vessel is, logically, a 3 star vessel.

However over the 16-year life of SVIS the distribution of star ratings became distorted by the influx of new vessels, and unlike Qi, SVIS was not a dynamic model so did not adapt to the change in the fleet.

Over time, the ‘average’ vessel rating crept up, and the number of 4 and 5 star vessels was over-represented.

The introduction of the Qi model provided the opportunity to ‘correct’ the spread of vessel ratings, so that now the ‘average’ vessel is closer to a 3 star rating. This has led to a shift in the star ratings of some vessels, but provides a more accurate statistical representation of the fleet.

Given this redistribution of star ratings, we will take the opportunity to reiterate that we advise against the use of a ‘RightShip clause’ in charter party arrangments.

FAQs on RightShip Qi can be found on the RightShip Qi support site. You can also view a recording of our recent advanced user webinar which takes a closer look at ratings.

If you have a question regarding the change in rating on individual vessels please contact our vetting team.


Since 2012, RightShip’s GHG Rating has allowed companies to factor energy efficiency in to their vessel operations. Enabling them to identify the more environmentally sustainable ships, the GHG Rating assists organisations to develop their own environmental policy and practises.

Please view our animated GHG Rating video which explains the Rating and how it can assist organisations in their sustainability endeavours.

To discuss how the GHG Rating can lower the CO2 emissions of your operations, reduce fuel bills and make the maritime industry more sustainable, contact our Environment Team.


A reminder that effective 01 January 2018 RightShip’s age trigger for a bulk carrier inspection for vessels over 8,000 dwt will change from 18 to 14 years, after which an annual acceptable RightShip inspection will be required.

For more information about the change please visit the RightShip website or contact drycargo@rightship.com


As always we’re pleased to get out of the office and be involved in industry conferences and events! In the coming months, we’ve got NAMEPA’s World Maritime Day event in New York City, which our CEO Warwick Norman & Vice-President (Americas) Anuj Chopra will be attending. Our Qi Project Manager Bryan Guenther will be presenting Qi as a case study at the Predictive Analytics World for Business conference, also held in New York .

Alongside our carbon sponsorship at the World Ocean Council’s Sustainable Ocean Summit, we are also proud to be co-organiser and Carbon Offset Sponsor of Ambition 1.5°: Global Shipping’s Action Plan, which will run as a side event to the UNFCCC’s COP23 proceedings.

Held on the MS RheinFantasie moored in the heart of Bonn, this event will see the development of a plan to meet the ambitious level of carbon reduction indicated in the COP21 Paris Agreement, and serve as a briefing paper for UNFCCC delegates.

We’re sponsoring the Splash 24/7 Dry Bulk Market Outlook session at the Maritime CEO Forum in Hong Kong, and Warwick will be on a panel discussing HR & crewing issues. We’re also once again proud to be sponsoring Ship of the Year at the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards in Athens.

In the past couple of months we’ve attended the Safe Ships, Safe Port event hosted by Pilbara Port Authority; Anuj spoke at the 11th International Forum on Ports in Puerto Vallarta, and Warwick was both a panellist and a recipient of the 2017 Personality Award at the SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards in Athens. Congratulations Warwick!

Our environment team represented RightShip at the ANZPAC Workshop in Melbourne, and presented our work on AUSMEPA’s Maritime Emissions Portal at GreenPort Congress in Amersterdam. We are proud carbon offset sponsors of both these events, measuring and purchasing carbon credits for all CO2 emissions to make them carbon neutral.

JULY 2017



Hello from CEO

Thanks for your support whilst we introduced our predictive vetting platform, RightShip Qi. Although this introductory phase is behind us, we are continuing to work on refining the platform.

Key to the success of a predictive model is ongoing review and optimisation. Our first Qi ‘retrain’ is scheduled for August – we will keep you informed on the dates for this. Retraining is a standard and ongoing procedure for any predictive model. It ensures that data inputs are up-to-date, and also addresses the strengths or limitations of the model.

Both the model retrain and the change in age trigger for dry bulk inspections reflect RightShip’s practise of ongoing review and refinement to enhance maritime safety. More on these below, including details of advanced user training sessions to help facilitate these changes.

Another RightShip initiative underway is the development of an ISGOTT-eqivalent for the dry bulk sector, dubbed ISGBCT – International Safety Guild for Bulk Carriers and Terminals. We invite industry experts who would like an opportunity to be involved in raising the safety standards of the dry bulk fleet to contribute to this.

In the environmental space we’ve recently released a tool that measures the scope 3 emissions related to maritime transportation, and we are also continuing our work assisting AUSMEPA develop their Maritime Emissions Portal.

RightShip’s Commercial & Strategic Manager, Wayne Blumenthal, was invited by AMSA to represent the Australian delegation at the recent MEPC71 in London where he presented RightShip’s GHG Rating to the plenary room. We are justifably proud of the influence and widespread industry take-up of the GHG Rating. In itself, this is a real acknowledgement of the significance of this Rating to the industry.

Clearly, giving back to industry is important to us at RightShip. In addition to our work in the environmental space and our continued support of the Sailors’ Society, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Yale University who are developing a database to better understand and manage seafarer illness & injury.

As yet, there is no announcement regarding the incoming CEO of RightShip. The Board are going through a very thorough & detailed process to ensure the right person takes up the role.

In the meantime I’m still at the helm, and as you can see from this newsletter it’s ‘business as usual’ at RightShip!

Warwick Norman, CEO, RightShip


RightShip Qi has been in use for over seven months, and as always we appreciate feedback whilst we continue to refine and enhance the system and its functionality.

Thanks to all those who responded to our survey in April / May – we received invaluable feedback on the transition to Qi and user experience of the new platform.

This feedback helped us better understand what is working well and what needs attention, and has been used to prioritise maintenance work and platform improvements. Many of your suggestions have already been implemented.

In the coming months you will notice some changes to the RightShip Qi interface which will make it easier to use and navigate around.

Over the last 3 months we have developed the following:

  • Print feature on activities and reports
  • Berth suitability and restrictions management
  • Inspections reporting
  • Terminal Questionnaires
  • Improving Qi stability
  • Amending or re-opening a Vet
  • Requesting a VET on mobile
  • Enhancements to the notification process
  • Bringing US barges into the system
  • API integrations with customer systems

We are also working on various software updates and enhancements to the vetting process in Qi.


Reflecting the maritime industry’s movement towards a low-carbon economy, RightShip now offer assistance for organisations who wish to measure, report on and manage their scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions.

Scope 3 emissions are those associated with an organisation’s business operations, including work-related travel and the daily commute of employees, as well as more carbon-heavy activity such as the output involved in shipping an organisation’s goods.

RightShip’s scope 3 measurement framework has been independently verified against EN16258, and considers the route, ship particulars, cargo information and fuel type used to calculate the emissions related to a voyage.

With this framework, sustainability-minded organisations are provided with the opportunity to engage in voluntary reporting to inform vessel selection policy, as well as exploring the viability of carbon offsetting for shipping activity. For more information refer to our website or contact environment@rightship.com


One item that came out of our recent customer survey is interest in advanced training for regular users of RightShip Qi. In response to this feedback we will be hosting two Qi online training sessions in late August.

These sessions will also address the upcoming predictive model retrain, and the change in age inspection trigger.

Select your preferred webinar session to enrol:

Tuesday 29th August: Melbourne 0700hrs / Houston 1600hrs

Tuesday 29th August: Melbourne, 1730hrs / Singapore 1530hrs / London 0830hrs

If you are unable to attend a webinar but wish to learn more about the features and functions of Qi, visit the RightShip YouTube channel which contains a selection of Qi demonstration videos.


Effective 01 January 2018 RightShip’s age trigger for a bulk carrier inspection for vessels over 8,000 dwt will change from 18 years to 14 years, after which an annual acceptable RightShip inspection will be required.

This change reflects the changing market conditions of the bulk carrier fleet, considering losses in the 15 – 19 age bracket, as well as the influx of new builds during the early 2000’s influencing the average working life and age of scrapping of the fleet, which calls for physical validation at an earlier age.

For more information about the change, or a copy of the inspection form please visit the RightShip website or contact drycargo@rightship.com


Giving back to the industry is important to RightShip, and we are pleased to partner with not-for-profit organisations to support their work in the maritime space.

Each year RightShip allocates a percentage of profits to assist Sailors’ Society with the delivery of their Wellness at Sea program, which launched in January 2015. The program assists seafarers with their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing, and since its inception has delivered:

  • 5,500 sessions with seafarers
  • A Wellness at Sea app used by over 1,800 seafarers
  • 980 training sessions

In addition to supporting this venture, we are incredibly proud of our staff in their personal efforts in fundraising for Sailors’ Society. In April, Laura Allen, Mick Darcey and Yannis Papanastasiou climbed Mt Fansipan in Vietnam, taking part in the Sailors’ Society Asian Challenge and raising USD $12,000. In addition, our Vetting Superintendent Mathieu Antin completed the London Marathon in support of Sailors’ Society’s work raising a further GBP 3,000.

(Mick Darcey, Laura Allen & Yannis Papanastasiou after conquering Mount Fansipan)


(Mathieu Antin competing in the London Marathon)

Another significant – and new – partership is in our work with Yale University developing a sustainable seafarer research database. Dedicated to the study and promotion of maritime health and addressing limitations in seafarer research to-date, the primary goal is to produce actionable information allowing for seafarer wellness through health promotion and reduction of injuries and illness.

RightShip’s three offices also support the work of local not-for-profit maritime organisations. In Melbourne, we assisted our local Mission to Seafarers in the purchase of a new bus for local seafarer transporation.

The restoration of the historic tall ship Alma Doepel recieved a boost with RightShip financing 1,990 Australian-made bolts that are essential for work required to refloat the ship.

Houston International Seafarers Centre also received financial support from RightShip as they move to their new facilities in June 2017.


As with all predictive models, RightShip Qi is undergoing the first of its regular adjustments, known as a ‘retrain’, in August.

Retraining is a ‘business as usual’ practise for a predictive model.

The practical outcome of a model retrain is that a minority of vessel star ratings may move (either up or down), however most will stay the same.

What a model retrain does is

  • preserves the desirable features of the original model
  • remedies identified shortcomings
  • Increases performance compared with original, and
  • adopts the model to changes in input data since the first training.

At RightShip, we anticipate a retrain of Qi every 4 – 6 months. Read here for more information.


To raise standards in the marine solid bulk cargo sector, there needs to be consensus and articulation of best practice. ISGOTT is an industry-accepted guide for the safe carriage and handling of crude oil and petroleum products on tankers and at terminals, however there is currently no equivalent in the dry bulk sector.

RightShip believes that facilitating, coordinating and contributing to the development of such a guide will have the ability to directly and positively influence safety. As with ISGOTT, it will not be intended to provide a definitive description of how these operations are conducted. It will, however, provide guidance on key aspects of these operations and how they may be managed.

This will not be a “RightShip” document or a commercially-motivated endeavour, but rather fulfils our commitment to give back to industry.

RightShip and The Nautical Institute are now partnering with a number of industry peak bodies in the preparation and peer review of the proposed Guide. We would welcome your input!

If you are interested in participating in the project, click here for more information or contact our project lead Paul MacGillivary.


ustralian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) have announced that from 05 August 2017 Australia’s autonomous sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will be strengthened.

This means that all vessels

  • in the DPRK vessel class
  • flagged or registered in the DPRK
  • owned, operated or chartered by, or otherwise under the control of direction of, an entity or person from the DPRK

will be prohibited from entering Australian waters and ports. For more information refer to the DFAT website.

RightShip Qi tracks known maritime vessels / companies from the OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (”SDN”) List, EU and DFAT registers as well as the Paris MoU blacklist and displays a High Risk banner against the nominated company or vet.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that our sanctions screening is absolutely infallible, our process for maintaining our SDN/OFAC list is robust, and includes:

  • reviewing the SDN list from OFAC as published from time to time (supplemented with a direct IHS feed),
  • registering for the OFAC alert advice,
  • tracking vessels by IMO numbers to ensure “fronting” companies do not obscure the tracking of the individual vessel,
  • monitoring the media/other sources to ensure to align our records with the information released in the public domain, and
  • periodic key word scripts to trawl through the 150,000+ companies and 70,000+ vessels in our database.

Please note that in accordance with new standard practices, RightShip will be denying these vessels if nominated or marked as unacceptable.


It was great to have our friends from NYK visit our Melbourne office in June. Pictured are Captain Warwick Norman, Wayne Blumenthal, Captain Kengo Watanabe, Koichi Uragami & Hiroshi Kawaguchi.

NYK Visit 2

We look forward to returning the visit later this year!


Wayne MEPC71

We were incredibly proud to have our Commerical & Strategic Manager Wayne Blumenthal address the plenary room at IMO MEPC71, discussing how the GHG Rating can deliver CO2 savings to the market & bolster environmental sustainability within the industry.

In the coming months you can catch us as Carbon Offset Sponsors at the ANZPAC Workshop in Melbourne & GreenPort Congress in Amsterdam. RightShip’s Anuj Chopra is a panelist at the Mare Forum in Houston, and we are pleased to be co-organisers of Ambition 1.5 degrees: Global Shipping delivered as a side event to COP23 in Bonn in November.

MARCH 2017


Hello from CEO

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the wider industry for your support following the announcement of my departure from RightShip.

In these times of change, both within our organisation and the wider industry, it is important that that the focus remains on the core of what we do: provide leadership and innovation to make our industry safer and more sustainable.

With that in mind, since launching RightShip Qi in late 2016, our team has been hard at work progressing the system and its capabilities. Although it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing I’m immensely pleased with the way things are travelling and our team’s ability to respond to challenges.

So far, we have over 2,000 users in Qi, and our vetting team have processed around 13,000 vets, which in these early stages is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved.

We encourage you to continue providing us with feedback – your input is invaluable as we continue our work on the system and it’s functionality.

With Corporate Social Responsibility key to RightShip operations, I am proud that our team are taking on new challenges to raise money for Sailors’ Society, supporting the incredibly important work they do to improve the health and welfare of those at sea – find more details below about how you or your organisation can show support.

With these initiatives, as well as our carbon offset projects entering new spaces industry-wide, it is an exciting time for RightShip and our customers as we look towards the future of predictive vetting, and the wealth of opportunities that this will provide for the maritime sector.

Warwick Norman, CEO


Right Ship Qi LI Tiny

With RightShip Qi up and away, we’d like to thank you for your support and patience during the launch period. Three years in the making, Qi was quite an undertaking for our small but dedicated team, and we appreciate your continued understanding as we carry on developing the platform to deliver the most sophisticated vetting system possible.

On that note, following are the top features now available in Qi:

  • Full vetting
  • Terminal questionnaires
  • Dry berth & loading feedback forms
  • Vessel history reporting
  • PSC activity & reporting
  • INC activity & reporting
  • Vessel ratings & reporting
  • Company page & fleet lists
  • Lists & alerts features

With these functions available to users, the Qi team are currently working on ensuring system stability and implementing change requests that are a high priority to our customers. This includes fixing any defects in the system that present themselves through Intercom, our in-built customer support system.

We are also focusing on API integrations, which allow certain customers to access Qi data; as well as the clean-up of our mobile and tablet site.


Right Ship Carbon Offset Sponsor Logo

RightShip is now – certified and officially – a carbon-neutral organisation! We have purchased carbon credits to offset the emissions of our three global offices, which includes not just our business operations and work-related travel, but also staff travel to and from the office.

Our carbon offsetting is not just internal – we have recently piloted a carbon-offset product which will allow our customers to calculate and potentially offset the carbon emissions associated with their shipping activity. We have initiated this externally-verified process with a number of our customers to date, and look toward expanding the reach of this product with interested parties. For more information, please contact environment@rightship.com

We are also providing carbon-offset sponsorship to selected maritime conferences, whereby we offset the GHG emissions associated with these events to make them carbon-neutral. Upcoming events we are supporting as Carbon Offset Sponsors include CMA Shipping in Stamford (drop in to booth 95!), MIAL SEA 17 in Queensland – Australia, Green4Sea Conference in Athens, Green ShipTech China Congress in Shanghai, and GreenTech 2017 in Fort Lauredale.


We’ve been busy! With a new year comes a new schedule of maritime industry events and conferences, in both the risk and environment spaces.

So far, we’ve had representatives attend the IHS Maritime Risk Forum in London; NAMEPA in Houston; Mare Forum 2017 in Greece, as well as the inaugural Wellness at Sea conference hosted by Sailors’ Society.

RightShip are once again attending CMA Shipping 2017 in Stamford. We are proud carbon-offset sponsors of this event, and are hosting a private-label seminar at 11am on March 21, focusing on the use or predictive analytics to enhance maritime safety & sustainability. You can also visit our display at booth #95.

In addition, RightShip will have representatives at MIAL SEA 17 in Queensland, Green ShipTech China Congress in Shanghai, and at the Singapore Marine Insurance Conference, where Warwick is presenting on the benefits of using a predictive model in assessing marine risk and potential claims.

For a full agenda of events, please visit our website.



The 10 year anniversary of RightShip London was celebrated in style last month, with a cocktail party held on Friday the 17th of Feburary at the historic Tallow Chandlers’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

With a diverse group of representatives from the London shipping scene attending, the event marked the occasion with great food, wine and entertainment. Congratulations to David Peel and the RightShip London team on this significant milestone.




There are currently two different RightShip fundraising ventures in the works, both of which support the fantastic work that Sailors’ Society do to improve seafarer health and wellbeing.

EMEA Vetting Superintendent Mathieu Antin is busy braving the bitter London winter in  training for the 2017 London Marathon, a significant physical challenge with all money raised being donated to the Sailors’ Society.

Support Mathieu in this undertaking by donating here.

We are also proud to be sending Mick Darcey, Laura Allen and Yannis Papanastasio to the top of Mount Fansipan in April to complete the Sailors’ Society Asian Challenge. At a height of 3,143 metres, this 15km hike is no small feat, and we hope to reach a fundraising amount that reflects their efforts and dedication.

Donate to team Rightship here!

RightShip match all funding dollar-for-dollar, so dig deep knowing that even a small donation can go a long way to assist a worthy cause.


Pictured here in front of the decision tree for Rightship Qi’s predictive model, the RightShip board met in our Melbourne office in February.

Board 2 08Feb

From front: Andrew Barker (Chairman – Cargill), Saurabh Dasgupta (BHP Billiton), Warwick Norman (CEO – RightShip), Rashpal Bhatti (BHP Billiton), Peter Mannion (Rio Tinto), Andrew Broad (Rio Tinto), Felix McKeown (Cargill).

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2018 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015



After a lengthy & thorough consultation process with industry (including ports, charterers and ship owners), RightShip have made the decision to remove the Environmental Star Rating from service.

Due to the increasing success & uptake of RightShip’s GHG Rating, which measures the CO2 output of vessels, this decision comes as RightShip look to consolidate these ratings and minimise the overlap with the Risk Rating in RightShip Qi, which now better recognises PSC performance in its algorithm.

In addition, the Environmental Star Rating aimed to reward actions that are now mandatory, and the GHG Rating allows us to continue to recognise best practice.

Furthering our commitment to make the maritime industry more sustainable, the decomissioning of the Environmental Star Rating allows RightShip to foster the development of the GHG Rating dataset, and we will continue to work with ports to reward the most energy efficient vessels in the worldwide fleet. Please contact us if you would like more information.


Come and join our sustainability team as they works towards a low-carbon future for the maritime industry.

We’re looking for a Senior Sustainability Officer to work out our Melbourne Office. If you can bring knowledge, experience & enthusiasm for managing sustainability projects to a dynamic & friendly working environment we’d love to hear from you!

Find more information here.


The DNV GL review of RightShip’s GHG Ratnig methodology concluded that there is an incentive for shipowners to verify their vessel specifications. Over 10,000 ships have now had their details updated in our system, and in December 2017 we completed a record 664 verifications!

To review your vessel’s GHG Rating and the particulars used to calculate this please log in to Qi (if you are a RightShip customer), or visit shippingefficiency.org and follow the prompts.

If you would like to update your vessel specifications you can do so through shippingefficiency.org or by contacting RightShip.


2017 was a busy year at RightShip! As a result the CO2 emissions for our business operations were slightly up on last year.

Whilst we work hard to minimise our emissions, some are unavoidable. Luckily with the help of the South Pole Group we were able to offset 951 toness of CO2e from running our 3 global offices & the international travel of our employees to support the conservation efforts at Lavers Hill in Victoria. It’s great to know that we can practice carbon neutrality so our work doesn’t cost the earth!s

In 2017 we were also proud to partner with the maritime industry to create more sustainable conference & events through our carbon offset sponsorships.

Congratulations to organisers of the following conferences who collectively offset 3,658 tonnes of CO2e, making the maritime industry more sustainable – one event at a time!

  • Ambition 1.5°: Global Shipping’s Action Plan – 128t
  • WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit – 358t
  • NAMEPA World Maritime Day – 92t
  • GreenPort Congress – 720t
  • ANZPAC Workship – 120t
  • Green Marine GreenTech – 96t
  • GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards – 130t
  • Green ShipTech China -351t
  • MIAL Seaf17 – 115t
  • CMA Shipping 2017 – 1,598t
  • IHS Markit Forum – 48t


It’s a new year but we inhabit the same planet with the same amount of resources. We need to use them more wisely than ever!

This year RightShip gave a festive season gift to the planet, providing customers with access to an anonymised GHG Rating dataset. This allowed them to filter by ship type, cargo, DWT or Age, or use their customer code to see the specific data related to their fleet.

With environmental issues at the fore in 2018, we hope that this inspired our customers to consider the environmental impact of their operations, and join the movement to lower carbon & enhance sustainability in the maritime industry.

Take a look at the data here, or if you’re a Rightship customer contact us for your customer code.



As the maritime industry moves towards a more sustainable future within a low-carbon economy, it is encouraging to see the industry work to ensure that issues of sustainability & environmental action remain at the forefront of industry conferences & events.

We were incredibly pleased to have the RightShip GHG Rating on the agenda at MPC71 in July. Our Commercial & Strategic Manager Wayne Blumenthal is pictured addressing the plenary room at IMO HQ, discussing how the GHG Rating can deliver CO2 savings to the market & encourage sustainable vessel selection within the industry.

In the coming months, our sustainability team will be representing RightShip as Carbon Offset Sponsors at Greenport Congress in Amsterdam; NAMEPA’s World Maritime Day in New York, as well as WOC’s Sustainable Ocean Summit in Halifax, Canada. We are also proud to be co-organisers and Carbon Offset Sponsors of Ambition 1.5°: Global Shipping’s Action Plan, held in Bonn as a side event to COP23.

In the past 12 months we have sponsored 7 carbon-neutral events. We are proud to have offset an estimated 2,766 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions through these sponsorships!


RightShip offers assistance for organisations who wish to measure, report on & manage their scope 3 GHG emissions associated with shipping activity.

Our verified Carbon Accounting tool allows charterers the opportunity to further manage their carbon output & explore emissions reporting & reduction opportunities.

By measuring emissions, organisations can reduce their environmental footprint; improve efficiency & identify energy risks in their supply chain, as well as demonstrate industry leadership in their efforts to reduce emissions.

RightShip welcomes the opportunity to work with your organisation to explore carbon neutral shipping. For more information on the benefits of using our Carbon Accounting tool, visit our website or contact environment@rightship.com


Since 2012, RightShip has assisted charterers to select more efficient vesses, through identifying ships on the market with a low GHG Rating & enabling organisations to create policy in accordance with this. This has changed the dynamics of the charterering process – the GHG Rating is now considered in one in every five vessel selections worldwide.

As of September 2017, the GHG Rating was used by 85 industry stakeholders, including 55 charterers, 19 shipowners, 5 indutsry groups, 4 banks & 3 terminals. We are continuously working to develop the GHG Rating dataset, and have so far provided verifications for more than 10,000 vessels.


The DNV GL review of RightShip’s GHG Rating methodology concluded that there is an incentive for shipowners to verify vessel specifications. Over 10,000 ships have now had their vessel specifications updated in our system.

To review your vessel’s GHG Rating and the particulars used to calculate this please log in to Qi (if you are a RightShip customer), or visit shippingefficiency.org and follow the prompts.

If you would like to update your vessel specifications you can do so through shippingefficiency.org or by contacting RightShip.


We are continuing our partnerships with AUSMEPA to develop the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP). An online platform that will use AIS data to measure in-port emissions, the MEP aims to empower ports & stakeholders to report on, benchmark & better manage emissions data. We have partnered with Oceaneering PortVision as our system developer, to bring the MEP concept into reality in an interactive platform.

RightShip & AUSMEPA welcome the opportunity to work with ports & the wider maritime industry in all stages of MEP development.

We are working with some Australian ports to trial the platform and assist us to develop its functions in accordance with industry needs.

For enquiries, or to register your interest in becoming a trial port, please contact:

Julie Nash – AUSMEPA Executive Officer


Kris Fumberger – RightShip Sustainability Manager




The Australian Marine Environment Protection Agency’s Port Emissions Portal has been selected as one of ten finalists in the 2016 Google Impact Challenge Australia.

Working with RightShip, AUSMEPA’s Emissions Portal will utilise satellite tracking and a big data approach to measure air quality and changing air patterns throughout the port environs.

AUSMEPA could be one of four organisations to receive a $750,000 grant to assist in developing the portal.

The six additional finalists will recieve $250,000.

A judging panel will select three winners, and a fourth will be selected based on public voting, which is open from 4-25 October.

Click here to vote for AUSMEPA – it only takes seconds, and will help AUSMEPA create greater transparency of air emissions caused by shipping activity in ports.

The press release regarding the emissions portal can be found here.


The 2015 DNV GL review of RightShip’s GHG Rating methodology concluded that there is an incentive for shipowners to verify vessel specifications. Over 10,000 ships have now had their vessel specifications updated in our system.

To review your vessel’s GHG Rating and the particulars used to calculate this please log in to SVIS (if you are a RightShip customer), or visit shippingefficiency.org and follow the prompts.

If you would like to update your vessel specifications you can do so through shippingefficiency.org or by contacting RightShip


RightShip are once again proud sponsors of the 2016 GreenPort Congress (11-14 October). Sustainability Manager Kris Fumberger will be presenting on first mover advantages for port environmental programs. RightShip’s EMEA Manager David Peel will also be in attendence, demonstrating the CO2 footprint from shipping emissions at individual ports.

RightShip are also the ‘green’ carbon offset sponsor for the World Ocean Council’s 2016 Sustainable Ocean Summit (30 Nov – 02 Dec). CEO Warwick Norman will be participating in a panel discussing “Reducing CO2; affordable, scalable solutions for the maritime industry”.



Ahead of COP21, twenty-six of the 35 charterers that include vessel efficiency in their supply chain selection have come forward to highlight their proactive measures on climate change. By using the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Rating to find the more efficient vessels, these industry leaders are using their influence to incite change in the maritime industry by rewarding ship owners that prioritise efficiency.

The 35 charterers that utilise the GHG Emissions Rating collectively undertake over 26,000 vessel movements and ship more than two billion dead weight tonne annually.

Following in the footsteps of early adopters Cargill, Huntsman and UNIPEC UK, the following have come forward to announce their use of the GHG Rating: Baere Maritime, BHP Billiton, Canpotex, Dubai Supply Authority, Greenergy, HESS, Hudson Shipping Lines, Incitec Pivot Limited, Ixom, Nidera, Noble Chartering, Olam, Olin – Blue Cube, Par Pacific – HIE, PTTEP, Refidomsa, Rio Tinto, Saudi Aramco Products Trading Company, Scorpio Group, Targa Resources, The Mosaic Company and Z Energy.

For more details the media release can be viewed here.



RightShip is committed to ensuring our GHG Emissions Rating reflects the latest outcomes from the IMO working groups, and aslo responds to industry feedback.

Following a recent review by DNV GL we are making some minor adjustments to our formula so it more accurately evaluates existing vessels as well as enabling us to apply it to additional vessel types.

Whilst these will not have a large impact overall, it may cause a slight adjustment so some vessel ratings.

These updates will take place over the next few weeks and will include

  • changes to assumed fuel type for non-verified vessels
  • aligning ship types for comparison of GHG Emissions Rating with recent updates, and
  • updating the Phase 1 Reference Line comparison

If you have any questions relating to the GHG Emissions Rating or the upgrades we are undertaking please contact us.


As gold sponsors, RightShip’s Warwick Norman (CEO) & David Peel (Manager Europe, Middle East & Africa) will be in attendance at the 2015 Greenport Congress.

Warwick will be presenting on port incentive programs that reward sustainability, and will be happy to provide port operators with an on-the-spot review of their port’s greenhouse gas emissions over a defined period of time.

Following is an overview of RightShip’s GHG Emissions Rating tool:


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2018 / 2017 / 2015 / 2014 / 2011

APRIL 2018


Key Points

Root Cause Analysis is a useful process for understanding and solving a problem.

Figure out what negative events are occurring. Then, look at the complex systems around those problems, and identify key points of failure. Finally, determine solutions to address those key points, or root causes.

Download PDF

APRIL 2018


A PDF that provides good examples of responses to PSC deficiencies in consideration of root cause, corrective & preventative action.

Download PDF

JUNE 2017



A large number of vessels were built during the ‘shipping boom’ of the early 2000’s. This report investigates the effect of this ‘boom’ with respect to the performance of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Class Society, Flag States, and ship type.

Download PDF

MAY 2017


Description of Revisions

Fully updated – covering cyber security, ECDIS, mooring, Lube & Fuel sampling & passage planning.

Download PDF



On request from RightShip, DNV GL conducted a review of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Rating, involving a comparative assessment of RightShip’s Existing Vessel Design Index (EVDI)TM and its relation, and difference, to the International Maritime Organisation’s EEDI.

Download PDF



Compiled by IHS Maritime & Trade.


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