RightShip may require a physical inspection of a vessel by experienced inspectors before it will consider recommending the vessel as a suitable risk for our customers.

A vessel inspection will be required for:

  • all dry bulk vessels 8,000DWT+ at 18  years of age (inspection has a 12 month validity), and
  • vessels which meet other criteria set by individual customers or when a customer requests an inspection is undertaken.

A vessel inspection may be required when:

  • RightShip Qi rates it as a high risk vessel;
  • a detention has been recorded resulting (or likely to result) in prosecution subsequent to MARPOL or SOLAS infringement; and
  • major repairs or modifications have been undertaken.

At customer request (normally associated with term charters), a RightShip dry inspection is undertaken to obtain first-hand validation of a vessel’s condition and operational capability, and complements the scope of Port State Control, International Safety Management and class assessments.

The RightShip global team of inspectors are DNV GL certified and trained to look at the overall safe working condition of a vessel and whether it adheres to industry best practices.

The list of deficiencies and recommendations provided to an owner at the conclusion of the inspection is not a definitive list on all matters requiring attention, but provides a list of examples that present an overall impression about the management of the vessel.

Deficiencies that are considered to be of a serious nature and a safety or environmental risk are reported to the relevant classification society or flag by the ship owner for review. When class or flag are satisfied with the action taken by the ship owner to close the deficiency, evidence will be provided to RightShip.

An inspection usually takes approximately two working days (1 – 1.5 days for Handy size vessels) and a dry vessel inspection will cost approximately US$7,500 (US$6,500+/- for Handy vessels). The benefit of a RightShip inspection accrues across all customers and is typically undertaken at the discharge port to minimise disruption to the vessel.

To access a copy of the Inspection Assessment Report click here.

Request a Dry Bulk Ship Inspection

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